I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!

So this came from my last Cass piece which in turn, led me to trying to mock up a cover. The last piece was good, but for where the path took me, I decided to recycle my EXTREMELY POPULAR Cass redesign and do this. I wanted to fashion a movie poster-esque (I was inspired with the Tai Chi Hero posters with the characters being sliced in half with a liquid effect). Then it became something between a mock movie poster or an Issue 1 and the Issue 1 version won out.
Notes: I really hope that Google translate for “Black Bat” to Chinese is correct. If it is…cool, if not…Sorry. =(. An I chose July 2014 because it will be the 15th Anniversary of Cass’s debut.
And finally, I’m happy with the finished product so I may recycle some old images into this new concept, or even make some new work. We’ll see.

TRANSGRIOT: Black Transwoman Monica Jones convicted of “manifesting intent to prostitution” in Arizona

Have another reason to not like Arizona despite some of the cool people who call it home. Been keeping an eye on the ongoing case of ASU student Monica Jones, who was accosted on the street while walking in her Phoenix neighborhood during a sting operation and charged with ‘manifestation of intent to prostitute’ the very night after she spoke at a May 2013 rally denouncing Project ROSE.  .Project ROSE is a program created with 15 partner organizations including the Phoenix Police Department with the goal of avoiding filing charges against adults engaged in prostitution, providing an opportunity for medical and social services and assistance in helping them exit the life of prostitution if they choose.   In practice, the program and its profiled prostitution sweeps target trans, SGL and low income women far too often and has a 30% success rate, the same rate as a woman who goes before a judge and hasn’t gone through the unjust Catholic Charities supported program.   
Jones believes she was unfairly targeted for arrest because of her outspoken criticism of Project ROSE.   A Change.org petitionwas created urging the Phoenix city prosecutor to drop the charges against her..     

And they trying to throw her into a goddamn mens prison. FUCK the judge FUCK the poilice, FUCK the catholic charities, FUCK Project ROSE and ALLLLLL its partners. She is appealing. Keep her in your thoughts.



below average height strong girl with a tall gentle girlfriend that giggles nervously when she is lifted into her girlfriend’s arms